Video content

If you are looking for the ultimate in attention and engagement, then video rules supreme. There is no better medium to capture and tell your story or promote your products, services or brand.

Our video content production service is totally bespoke, and we will help you with the creative, recording, editing and promotion of your video. VBD offers you the chance to create and promote a short video or series of videos, and we’ll help you edit your content, whether live-action, advertising or animations. These can be hosted on our website or provided to you for your own use.

Some examples of the kind of videos we produce:

  1. Customer explainer videos for your product or service.
  2. Practice profile videos.
  3. Meet the team – snapshots of your team for an “about us” page or YouTube channel.
  4. Customer spotlight – for use alongside a company profile.
  5. Product feature or benefit video.
  6. Recruitment video.

For maximum effect, twin our video creation service with our traffic-driving ability across our market-leading digital and print platforms for a powerful tool to get your message to the right audience.

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Video Content Case Study

The brief

Our client manufactured and licensed a product within a highly competitive small animal medicine category, which they wished to promote to clinical teams and grow market share and brand loyalty. Previously, they had worked with testimonials, but wished to develop more engaging content.


We recommended gathering frequently asked questions from existing veterinary professional users and filming a question and answer video, with a key opinion leader within the product niche.

Due to our unique position as a trusted media partner at the heart of the veterinary community, we were able to gather a bank of questions on behalf of our client and bring a well-known and respected opinion leader to the project to create the video content.


The project was an overwhelming success and our client was flooded with questions. In the end, the quality of the questions was so good, it was decided that, rather than create one video, a series of shorter videos be made, each focusing on one specific challenge relating to the disease and how the product could be used to manage the condition.

Our client was delighted with the end product, which was a short series of focused evergreen video content. The videos remain popular today, building viewership of more than 2,500 within the project timescale, helping to cement the client as a leader in the product category.

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