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VBD Timeline

We were founded

Veterinary Business Development (VBD) was founded in 1990 by veterinary surgeon Douglas Hutchison after he identified the potential for a commercial database of veterinary surgeons and subsequently created the Vetfile brand – still the UK’s largest and most accurate veterinary database.

Acquired Veterinary Times

The business grew swiftly and, with ready-made access to every veterinary surgeon in the UK through the Vetfile database, expansion into veterinary publishing was the logical next step, so Veterinary Times was acquired.

Veterinary Business Journal

The Veterinary Business Journal (VBJ), a new business-to-business title dedicated to the management and financial aspects of running a veterinary practice, was launched.

Congress Times

An essential guide in advance of all the major congresses, Congress Times is launched to publicise news and information ahead of each event to delegates.

VN Times

A market-leading title aimed at RVNs, SVNs and veterinary nursing assistants was next to be introduced, with VN Times born this year.

Website for profession

Our first step into the digital market, vetsonline.com, was launched. This later became our renowned website of today – vettimes.co.uk

Job board

The next digital step was announced and VBD moved into recruitment with a dedicated veterinary job board, which later transformed into the Vet Times Jobs brand we have today.

Livestock and equine titles

Recognising the continuing importance of our publications, dedicated twice-yearly supplements for Veterinary Times’ equine and livestock readers are introduced.

Vet Times Jobs app

With technology now more ap- based than ever, we took the plunge and launched our very first app. Vet Times Jobs was now a downloadable app, bringing us closer to our digital customers.

CPD course board

As CPD for the veterinary industry is key, and with traffic to vettimes.co.uk increasing, we launched our CPD course board

New office

Exciting times for VBD, as we found a new home and moved into our fresh and spacious new office space.

Vet Times app

Continuing with the digital trend, we launched our second app this year. This one allowed readers to access fantastic vettimes.co.uk content on a free, dedicated app.


Keeping up with trends and the ever-evolving digital age, we launched our own range of podcasts for Veterinary Times, VN Times and VBJ.

VN Happy Hour

In the light of Covid-19, VN Happy Hour was introduced to bring networking and entertainment, as well as knowledge-sharing, to vet nurses.”

Vet Times CPD+

Successfully launched CPD+, the academy of exclusive content offering vets and nurses free, premium CPD