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Social media has become one of the dominant communication and entertainment channels available to marketers. If you are not visible on these channels, not only are you missing out, but you are close to invisible to the next generation of decision-makers.

Building audiences on social is notoriously challenging, due to the complexity and ever-changing nature of the companies involved. It also takes a huge amount of sustained content creation capacity.

As leaders in both content creation and digital marketing know-how, VBD has taken the hard work out of the process by building the biggest and best social media channel audiences in the UK veterinary market – so you can extend the reach across engaged audiences large and small.

We can deliver general messaging to larger, non-specific audiences on our brand pages, right down to hyper-targeted niche audiences – all made possible through our unique “audience builder system”.

With veterinary audiences on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Soundcloud, we are experts in delivering social media results and will work with you to create content that reaches the right people, at the right time, in the right format.

Options include Facebook Live, geo-targeting, geo-fencing, hyper-targeting and social media management.

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Social Media Case Study

The brief

Our client wanted to raise the awareness of hyperthyroidism among consumers, helping them to understand the signs of the disease and to drive them into veterinary practices.    


We proposed and delivered a solution built around a centrepiece of shareable content for veterinary practices to use on their websites, sponsored by the client.

A piece of “pillar content” was a created to share. In this case, we developed a short custom video animation to educate and highlight the signs of hyperthyroidism. The objective was to make it attractive to practices so they would utilise it and share on their social sites, email newsletters and other marketing communications.

We hosted the content and posted it across our own social channels to initiate the chain reaction of sharing.


The campaign was a huge success and after a week had gained significant traction, reaching 85,000 people, being shared 500 times and achieving 1,330 reaction (likes).

This was a great example of a piece of evergreen content that will continue to collect attention, and is completely recyclable at a later date.

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