Lead generation

Lead generation is the most measurable and accountable form of marketing available, and is suitable where you wish to generate leads such as phone calls or email addresses, rather than wider brand awareness. (It is highly effective to combine lead generation and brand campaigns to maximise the benefits of each).

Typically, these campaigns are crafted around the creation of a higher-value item that your target audience will happily exchange an email address in return for. The sky’s the limit in terms of what these items might be. A white paper, an ebook, a paper book, a call with an expert… the options are bounded only by the imaginations of the creative team’s efforts.

We will drive traffic to your offer using our wide range of marketing assets, and can host the email capture form needed to gather the leads. We can then pass on the data (which is fully GDPR compliant) to your marketing team for follow up.

Demand generation is one of the most underutilised communication channels available and is a highly effective way to generate a list of qualified leads to communicate further with about your product or service.

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Case study

The brief

Our client was a global provider of practice management software and wished to learn how veterinary teams felt about its existing systems. It also wished to learn what improvements could be made to enhance current offerings and make life easier for those in practice.

Finally, the client desired a list of 25 high-value leads with whom a follow-up sales call could be scheduled.


An incentivised questionnaire was selected as the best option to target practices not currently using our client’s software. The questionnaires were distributed based on our audience segmentation and delivered using our Vetfile database. Every respondent received a high-value management white paper, and 20 entrants also won a £20 gift card from Amazon.


The campaign was delivered as promised and remained open for two weeks, during which time our client received 34 leads.

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