What to include in a direct mail?

A direct mailing can include anything you want – it is your mailing after all – but the content depends on your aims: are you seeking a specific response? To increase brand awareness or loyalty? Or to enhance your customers’ understanding or retention of information? Some things to consider:
  • What’s in it for your customer? Focus your message on the benefits to the customer rather than the features of your product
  • Give a clear call to action that makes it easy for your recipient to respond
  • Create impact, interest and memorability – make it eye-catching, but keep the copy concise and easy to read
  • Personalise where possible and ensure that the content and tone of your communication is specific and relevant to your target audience
  • Consider using a tracking code or other means of monitoring the response
  • To maximise response, integrate your mailer with other marketing efforts such as advertisements or events – ensure consistency between the different platforms
  • Don’t forget to ensure all necessary details are included – and are correct!
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