Nikki Dartnell


Marketing Data & Insights Advisor

Nikki has had a varied background; working as an au pair in Germany before starting in a Mastercard call centre. From working nights in the call centre, she quickly found she had a knack for noticing trends and patterns within data, this was picked up upon and she was taken into the Fraud and Risk department where she stayed for three years. This started a passion for data and accuracy.

Role at VBD

Nikki started in VBD in 2015 as a Vetfile Administrator, managing, maintaining and cleaning through the data to make sure it remained as accurate as possible. In that time, she has overseen the rebuild of the core system Vetfile, making sure VBD are able to get as much information from the data as possible.  These days Nikki has a more in-depth role within Vetfile, making sure the development of the system continues as well as the day to day maintenance.


Nikki was instrumental in the rebuild of core system Vetfile, which is at the heart of the VBD business.

Contact details

  01733 383539

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