Nigel Woodbine


Content Specialist

Having spent his formative years providing press support for artists and companies in the music and entertainments sector, Nigel joined VBD in 2005 as a reporter for Veterinary Times.

He quickly rose through the ranks, taking on a more digital focus as web editor and, later, digital content manager, updating the company’s websites using a wide range of content management systems. He also played an important role in the creation, development and upkeep of the company’s social media platforms.

Role at VBD

Nigel was instrumental in helping elevate VBD’s digital output – from inception through to its industry-leading status. Proficient in the use of audio and video editing software, Nigel – as content specialist – is now heavily involved in the post-production stage of VBD’s varied audiovisual output, including the weekly Vet Times Podcast and monthly VN Times Podcast, as well as VBJ’s First Opinions Podcast and practice profile videos, among others.

Nigel also commissions and edits copy for VBD’s numerous online offerings, as well as designing and providing editorial content for VBD’s series of daily, weekly and monthly newsletters for veterinary professionals and industry jobseekers.

Contact details

  01733 383559