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Vet Times CPD  is the market leading CPD course board in the veterinary industry. We make life simple for veterinary professionals to find the CPD they want and need.

We also make it easy for our CPD providers by making our site completely self-serve. Therefore you can upload a course where ever and when ever you want, getting your course in front of our audience instantly.

It doesn’t stop there for our CPD providers as we’re the only course board that can offer you enhancement packages for your courses. This will allow you to utilise our audience through our other platforms, including social media and print, to extend your course reach even further.

Live CPD courses (1/9/19 - 30/11/19)
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Active course seekers (1/9/19 - 30/11/19)

To get in front of your prime audience, we can offer you tailored access to our market-leading CPD website which is a dedicated microsite of  vettimes.co.uk. Our CPD website has over 500 live courses, 22,000 course views and over 10,000 active course seekers in the past 90 days alone. Therefore, you can be sure whatever veterinary-related role your course is aimed at or level of expertise your CPD course requires, you can be sure it will be seen. Our dedicated CPD microsite is completely self-serve and very easy to use, so you can have your course published in minutes.

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