Keeping your house in order: planning for 2020

Keeping your house in order: planning for 2020

An array of conferences and CPD events are held throughout the year – are you planning to attend any of these in 2020, either as a delegate or an exhibitor? If so, do you usually secure accommodation as soon as possible, or leave it until the last minute in the hope of bagging an additional saving?

Planning to attend these events from a business perspective is pretty much the same as planning your day-to-day life. Daily domestic tasks may seem mundane, but these are transferable skills – and embracing them in the workplace builds confidence among colleagues and gives your company an opportunity to succeed.

After all, you wouldn’t book the flights for your summer holiday without booking the hotel – so why wouldn’t you consider congress accommodation for yourself and your team members from the outset?

I’ve learned over the years that if you can manage your budgets at home, no reason exists for why you cannot manage a larger budget that directly impacts people who work in your organisation.

However, research is also key. It’s like buying a car – you don’t go out and buy something you cannot afford or isn’t practical for your needs. So why would you buy or book CPD – for yourself or a team member – that doesn’t fit within your work budgets and requirements?

It’s a simple approach, but many get it wrong.

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