Audiences and understanding your data

Audiences and understanding your data

Let’s use our objectives at Veterinary Business Development as an example.

Key to our business is data – and we invest in our staff to attend conferences to maximise our return on data.

We have carried out some crazy activities over the years at veterinary events – from hiring a hook a duck stand, to hanging 500 stuffed monkeys on a shell scheme stand at BSAVA Congress.

Why did we run these stands? The reason was simple: the engagement and subsequent data collection from our investment allowed us to feed our objective – giving our clients and customers the opportunity to communicate their marketing plans to targeted audiences.

For example, in 2017 we had 3,200 unique visitors to our stand at BSAVA Congress who completed a comprehensive form containing valuable data… for the chance to win a stuffed toy fish. And there was the key to its success – it may seem mad, but the delegates were incentivised by the soft toys.

Managing expectations was vital; while we didn’t expect the world, we were realistic with our targets – and the results spoke for themselves.

And there’s no reason why you cannot do the same – be confident in your abilities and skills, and smash it in 2020.

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