Sophie Bristow


Marketing Data & Insights Advisor

About Sophie

Sophie graduated from the University of Chester with a degree in history – a subject she is still very much interested in. Following this, Sophie decided she wasn’t ready to enter the working world just yet and returned to university to study for a master’s degree in consumer marketing – but not before taking some time to travel to China and Hong Kong. Experiencing the Chinese culture turned out to be a great help as her fellow students on the University of Liverpool course she enrolled on that September were predominantly Chinese.

On finishing her master’s degree, Sophie undertook a six-month internship in London for a start-up business that was designing a shopping app for the capital. When this internship came to an end, she then joined VBD – initially as maternity cover – was taken on permanently and seven years later is still with the company.

Role at VBD

Sophie’s role within Vetfile is to eliminate the guessing game of who to target mailings to, coordinating everything relating to direct mail – from recommending the best audience to target to bespoke printing, and everything in between. This includes designing and sourcing mailing items – from letters and postcards, all the way through to Post-it Notes, chocolates and bespoke video mailers in custom-made boxes.

If you know who you want to target, Sophie can help you communicate with your chosen audience to create marvellous, memorable mailings.

Contact details

t: 01733 383537

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