Elektra Theophanous


Digital Marketing Assistant

About Elektra

Elektra graduated from university in 2017 with a BA(Hons) Multimedia Journalism degree. Following a three-month sojourn in south-east Asia, she returned to the UK and worked for a local company, writing and managing its online content and social media channels. Elektra joined VBD as digital marketing assistant in April 2019.

Role at VBD

Elektra implements social campaigns for the business and its various publications, as well as supplying online services to clients to achieve their digital goals. She also manages VBD’s social media pages and presence in general, interacting with and engaging the company’s online following.

Elektra additionally works with developers on large game builds for clients to promote their services and products in an innovative way, to be showcased at congress events and online. Game builds, interactive videos, surveys, personality tests and informational videos can all be built as required by your company to be showcased and promoted via our social media platforms, garnering the high-quality engagement.

Elektra is familiar with our publications’ tones of voice, regularly interacts with our following on social media, and works to foster positive and encouraging engagement.

She is able to help you build and run your desired social media campaign across various channels to ensure maximum engagement while aligning with our brand’s style and ethos. If you have an idea in mind, but not the creative resources to bring this to life, Elektra can write and optimise your content using her experience within an online environment and advise you on the best audience for your content.

Contact details

e: elektratheophanous@vbd.co.uk
t: 01733 383569

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